Monday, February 18, 2008

What's Going On?!

Well, this is two blogs in less than a month! This must be a new personal record.... don't get used to it though! In my previous post, I alluded to some transportation changes and thought I would update that exciting news.

Sean wasn't happy with the gas mileage and towing with the Expedition and has been researching options for something different. Well, after a few months of research, re-organizing the budget and counting costs.... Sean bought a ..... (are you ready to hear???)....... FORD F350 long bed super duty blah blah blah Diesel Truck! Can you believe it? The thing truly is a beast! Many of you may have heard me call the Expedition "a beast", but this one really is! I actually had to drive it home from the dealership because Sean was at work and it was ready a day early... so, I actually drove it before Sean did..... funny. Anyway, it seats 6, has four doors, has an extra tank and some other stuff Sean likes. It is dark blue so Justin was happy (no red for him) but since the boys are used to the Expedition, they of course didn't understand why we couldn't just keep that. Also, Travis, who has his permit (how's he drive? Please, don't ask) isn't going to be allowed to drive it just yet so he doesn't love that prospect. He has an old truck that Kris got from a friend for him but it is a stick and he can't drive that yet, so we haven't been doing the driving practice that we were. I guess it is up to Kris for a while! Pray for her! Teeheehee. Justin doesn't like change so right now he is tolerating the truck when in it and driving with me in the car instead of the van. He will warm up to it all in time. The van and the Expedition were traded in. To be honest, we would have just given the van away but it has been on it's last legs for a while and it would be more trouble for whoever we gave it to instead of a blessing, so off to the dealership it went and from there, I am sure to the auction. So, I drive the car now. Stephanie LOVES the truck!!! It has this American flag decor plastic something (like a bug guard or something) on the hood and Sean was going to take it off but Stephanie loves it, so of course it will stay!!! Teeheehee! Personally, I think it is cool but then we all know where I am on the "cool" scale. But, for Stephanie, it will stay because she is the princess afterall! Anyway, that is the news on the truck. We are going camping later this week and will have our first tow trip so Sean will get an idea of gas mileage for that. I am looking forward to getting away for camping, it has been awhile!

On another note, we are gearing up for some fun things in the Kelly home. First will be the camping trip to Ocean Shores in the trailer. Travis isn't off school for a mid winter break so he can't go, but we will go with him next time I hope. It will just be the two kids and us. Next month, Sean and I are going with our friends to see Bill Engvall in Shelton, it should be a bunch of fun!! Getting tickets was a bit of an adventure for me, but I should have them in hand by Wednesday... gotta love Ebay. Got them close to ticket price too, didn't have to pay a bunch extra so that was good. I wouldn't have gone if that were the case. Then in June, Doug and Joy and Sean and I are going to ...... anticipative pause ...... ....... ....... New York City! Sean and I are SO EXCITED! We have talked about it for years, literally, but finally last year, we decided we would go this summer. Sean and I joined Trendwest and we got a condo that is kitty corner from Carnegie Hall right in Manhattan! It is going to be great! It will be cozy in the condo but I think we will just be sleeping there and Doug survived me living in his house for almost a year so I am sure he can survive me for a week!! Teeheehee.... I hear he snores loud though, so I will bring ear plugs I think. Sean and I have designated our tax return for the trip and been tucking away a bit in a special savings account and it will be a great trip! Then in September, we are going to San Diego with the kids for Kevin's (Sean's cousin) wedding and then on to a visit with Dave and Erica and the kids. I think we will be going camping with Dave and family so FUN FUN FUN!!! We are driving the trailer down to San Diego so it will be a fun trip.

Anyway, I am off to get some breakfast so I will say "see ya" for now, but maybe I will stop in again soon. Remember to buy girl scout cookies from Stephanie. I love ya all! Smile often and enjoy life, it's a great gift from God!