Saturday, November 15, 2008

Living Life

Hi there! How is everyone doing? We are doing well here at the Kelly home, staying really busy of course! Sean is enjoying the fire department and doing well at his "new" home station. He has been there a little while now and is starting to get accostumed to the flow of the crew. He has been traveling a bit as well, first he went to a conference in Vegas and then about a week later he went to Pueblo for training in Hazmat. He enjoyed both trips but is glad to be home. You know him, he is always happiest at home or out with the family. We had a WONDERFUL family vacation in September when we went down to San Diego for a family wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and we hit a lot of the tourist spots. Sean drove the WHOLE way... isn't he fabulous?! I am so spoiled! We took the trailer for the first out of state trip and everything went smoothly, we had a great time.

I have been really busy at work lately. There are a lot of families in need and every day we are open we are seeing new families coming in to use the food bank services. We are open for food 3 days a week and could probably open a fourth and still be busy.... it's a bit crazy. I am glad we are there to help though. I loved our vacation in September too, it was good to have some family time before we hit the busy season! Disneyland and California Adventure was just a blast and we got to go to Sea World with Dave and Erica and family and Doug and Joy so that was really cool! I wish we could do it all again next year! We even got to spend some time with Uncle Bob and Aunt Jeannie (hope she isn't reading this because I don't think I spelled her name right! eeks!-don't tell on me!) It was a wonderful memory making time. I am also busy being a mom right now, or should I say 'taxi driver?' Anyway, it is a marvelous life. Thank you God for blessing me with it.

The kids are all doing great! Travis is working hard in school and not loving it. Justin is working fairly hard and not loving it either..... but they are both active in the youth group at RLC and maturing in their own relationship with God. That is neat to see.... they are serving in church as well. They are both such neat young men to be and I can't wait to see where God leads them in the future! Thankfully, both of them are staying clear of dating at this time and just enjoying life without all those added pressures. They just have a bunch of friends, guys and girls and are enjoying hanging out. Travis has more hang out time with his friends, Justin is more of a home body and most of his social events are church or youth group related. He is doing well though. Justin is also enjoying beekeeping, Sean has to keep him focused but he is pretty active in the beekeeping club and they even extracted some honey this year! We hear positive reviews on it too! Next year he will be selling his honey, this year it was more of a 'sample what I have' time. Travis is still active in ROTC and armed drill team, they were in a parade for Veteran's Day. He enjoys it and has a great group of friends in it with him.

Stephanie is little miss social, want to do it all gal! We finally relented and allowed her to try a session of swim lessons to see if she could handle it in her schedule. She already has ballet and jazz one day a week and brownie meetings twice a month, plus whatever activities they do. Now, she is doing swimming for 30 minutes twice a week. She also joined the recess running club, recess choir and a drama club. These are all things the school offered that she signed up for and participates in during school hours. She is also still in the Magic Strings program playing the violin at school! So, little miss social she is! She loves it all though! We just went to see Disney High School Musical on Ice last night with the brownies (she LOVED it, even though she has never seen the movies) and today she is at an drama workshop with brownies. I tell ya, she is a busy bee! Speaking of bees, she also wants us to get a bee suit for her so she can work the bees with Justin and Sean... we will see.

Well, Travis is waiting for the internet to play XBox live with one of his friends, so I will say farewell for now..... I might write again soon! Smile often and love God with all your heart.... and remember that it is always better to show grace when the opportunity arises... it's hard, but God shows us grace every moment. I am going to try to extend grace more this week.... love ya all!


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