Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Easing into 2008

Can you all believe that it's February of 2008??? I can't! Where did the time go? I always mean to blog, then I get busy reading the Cagles, Thompsons, Danae's, the Youngs, Nevada team, the Green Girl and whatever else jumps out..... THEN... no time left for mine. Funny how that works. But, here I am tonight!

Most of you know that I got a new job in November, it is really a great fit for me. I am able to do much of what I love.... talking to people, administrating things, serving others and I am having a blast doing it! I am the Administrative Assistant for the Executive Director of a community food bank. Really, it's more than a food bank but that's what they call it.... we serve A LOT of families food three days a week and one day a week is devoted to assistance appointments where we qualify people for a federal energy program and such. When I first started there, I just figured we'd be checking people in for food and whatnot but it is so much more. The set up is really classy, it is like a shopping line where the clients get to choose from a variety of items and they really get a great load of food. We also served HUNDREDS of families for the holidays by providing a complete holiday dinner, including the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, yams and even a pie. They got to get their holiday food to take home and cook for their family. We did that for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also served over 700 local children by allowing their parents to "shop" for 3-4 gifts for them at our "gift store". The presents were chosen by the parents so each child was able to get things they would really like. It was AWESOME! AND to top it all off, I am home by 4:45 each night, Monday - Thursday and OFF Friday-Sunday. I am loving it! It's suits me well....

The rest of the family is doing great. We were all sick for a while this month (except Justin of course), but we have finally bounced back. Sean is gearing up for a promotion of sorts at work, he will become a part of the hazmat team and with that comes a little pay increase, so that is neat. He will most likely start in early spring with that. He is a bit bummed to leave the crew he is with because he really likes them all but he knows this is a good step for him. I think he will like it.

Sean also BUILT JUSTIN A BEDROOM (okay, he had A LOT of help from his boss) but Sean did a lot of the work too. I am just so proud of him! He wanted to build Justin a real room downstairs and he did it. It took months, but it looks sharp. We just got our house appraised and it went up quite a bit, I think the room had something to do with it. (we also got a heat pump, furnace, a bunch of electrical work and new windows too, but the room is the best part!)We were happy with the appraisal and are getting ready to make some changes in the way of transportation for our family. I will keep you posted on that!! (we hope!)

Stephanie, Justin and Travis are all growing up and continuing to be great kids. Such personality and life in them! I love being a mama. The "child of our heart" isn't living with us anymore and is back with her mom but we pray for her always and see her off and on. She will always be in our hearts and lives and know God has the whole thing covered!!!

I am even keeping the house up a bit more... (Jen and Melissa say "no way!") BUT it is true. I can see the rec room couch as I type.... it isn't buried with laundry today. My new job has helped with that because I get home earlier and it gives me more time for cleaning....yuck.

Stephanie is selling girl scout cookies, so everybody.... BUY SOME FROM HER!!!!!!!!

Well, I gotta go pick up those boys at Youth, but I will check in soon, I hope. Miss you all, love you all, see you when I do!!!!


  • At 2:53 PM, Blogger The Young Family said…

    So cool, to hear from you! Glad you are doing well. We keep playing phone tag, so darn it one of these days we will actually talk! Em

  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger Kenzie said…

    Glad to hear everything is going well! I miss you!


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