Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Summer Days

Look, I am blogging again and it hasn't been 6 months yet! Are you proud of me Jess?

Well, as usual, we at the Kelly house are BUSY! We did manage to get away for 8 days to Ocean Shores in our trailer and have some wonderful down time. I didn't check any emails (including work!) or get online AT ALL and I only checked my voice mail once a day.

Sean and I took ALL the kids (Justin, Travis, Stephanie and Holly) and just kicked back at the ocean, playing in the water (us girls), flying kites (minus Justin) and playing board/card games (the whole bunch of us!) It was a time that we all enjoyed and I am so glad we took the time to make it happen.

Holly had a great time as well and she is really becoming a part of our family. It looks like we may have her with us for another school year if all goes as planned and I am really excited about that! For those of you who have maybe been living on the moon or only see us twice a year, we have taken temporary guardianship of a friend's daughter for a season. I flew to Texas on April 5th to bring her back with me and she has been staying with us since then. She was in Mrs. Blackburn's kindergarten class (Stephanie's teacher from last year) and so I knew she was in good hands. She will be at Kibler again for first grade in the fall. Stephanie will be going to Southwood Elementary for second grade in the fall because she is participating in the Magic Strings Program but Sean and I didn't want to move Holly to a new school since she has made some friends and settled in. They play together a lot at home so I think they both will probably like having some time to just be with their other friends during the week at school.

Justin and Travis are doing great, it's interesting to have two boys close to the same age yet so different in personality. It is wonderful to see the gifts God has placed in each of them begin to grow and strengthen. We (the boys and I) are getting ready to head to Youth Summer Camp on July 29 for five days. I have gone the last few years and been in charge of the wacky crazy games (Steal the Squid anyone?) and look forward to it again this year!

Stephanie just got home from Kids Camp last night and she had a lot of fun. It's hard to get details out of an excited, tired seven year old girl so I don't have a lot of specifics other than she had a lot of fun! I did find out she likes sports more than I thought, they have these Play with Passion times where they can choose which group to be in for the duration of camp. They had a building group, an extreme sports group and a group for girls where they got to have a tea party, put on makeup, paint nails and such. SO, being that I work in the Office, we just signed her up for the girly one and left it at that. I guess she heard the groups and decided she wanted extreme sports (?).... go figure! She said "If my mother (yes, she calls me "mother" - I don't know why... Mel said she talks like she is from the days of Little House on the Prairie) would have asked me, I would have told her that I wanted sports!" SO, sports she did. I think she liked them...

Well, my work break is over so I gotta say "fare thee well" and get back to it! Oh, by the way.... this is DAY FOUR of my Weight Watchers Points Program and I am doing well so far! I am drinking LOTS of water and I think I am doing great. I will do my weigh on Monday morning so we shall see if any weight has come off.....

Until next time, Smile well and remember God has it covered.


  • At 2:47 PM, Blogger Mackenzie said…

    How did you do with your weigh in? That's awesome you're doing WW! I love the program! Don't you?

  • At 6:26 PM, Blogger Cagle Clan said…

    Very proud!!!! :)

  • At 7:21 PM, Blogger The Young Family said…

    Wow - you have beena busy family! Glad you had a great time at the ocean. I had heard Holly was with you guys, I think that is awesome! You two truly our wonderful people, really showing the love of God. You once asked how we could take in a family of five, well you know why we did it, just like you, we saw a need in a stepped in! Awesome. I wish you all the best, and one of these days we will actually talk to one another, instead of our perpetual phone tag! Am I it or are you? I guess I should call if I don't know! Love you guys!

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger The Cheerio Queen said…

    Hey there,

    you are talking about Honey Nut lol. and she is wild about your little one. She talks about Stephanie all the time! we need to set up a sleepover for the girls sometimes. :)

    Love ya!


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